About Us

Welcome to Upside Plants 

man and woman smiling in a greenhouse

Hi! We're Mark and Laura. We believe that growing plants makes people happy. The positive effects of working in the dirt are well documented, and more and more we are realizing that plants provide a positive impact indoors as well. That's why after years of gardening and writing about growing plants, we decided to open an indoor plant shop.

Our mission is to help people grow beautiful houseplants to improve their health, increase beauty in their homes, and spread good vibes to all.

It's your jungle, we're just here for it

We want our customers to have the most insta-worthy plants online. Our goal is your success, so please tag @upsideplants and use #upsideplants so we can show you off! 

Our Online Shop

We've crafted our online shop to provide superior shopping experience. Plus, plants purchased online are shipped directly from the greenhouse.

We work with a company that gives us access to a network of small businesses that provide wholesale plants. That means a purchase from our store helps several small businesses in the US.


Our Store

We have a small storefront in Hartwell, Georgia and sell plants out of a vintage concession trailer at pop up events. Find us on Google Maps for our location and hours.

Plants are sourced from both local nurseries as well as wholesale suppliers - at least until we can build our own greenhouse and grow them from scratch. All our plants are treated with care from the moment they come into our possession. They are acclimated to indoor conditions that are easy to replicate in any home. 

Our Story

As a couple, we bonded over growing vegetables over a decade ago. It became such a part of our life that we found ourselves tending acres of tomatoes, okra, corn - pretty much any veggie, herb, or flower that would grow in Georgia red clay. Saturday mornings were spent selling plants and veggies at the local farmer's market, and, in 2016, Laura started an online publication all about why you should grow. 

Mark was trained in propagation, hydroponics, and greenhouse management at the University of Georgia and has a degree in Business Administration from the Terry College of Business. Laura's education is in biology and chemistry and she graduated from UGA College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Between us, we have over 30 years of gardening experience.

We've long dedicated our time and livelihood to spreading the joy of gardening, and the wild and wonderful world of houseplants opens the door to grow plants from around the world. 



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