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3-in-1 Neem and Peppermint Plant Wipes

3-in-1 Neem and Peppermint Plant Wipes

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Keep your houseplants looking beautiful and prevent pests with Fantastic Foliage's 3-in-1 Neem and Peppermint Plant Wipes. Each wipe combines a gentle plant-safe soap, fertilizer, and neem oil to boost nutrients and shine your leaves. A unique blend of organic neem leaf extract, essential oils, castile soap, and plant-nourishing kelp extract in the wipes prevents pesky insects like spider mites and mealy bugs. Large and thick wipes are best for waxy or shiny-leaved plants like Monstera deliciosa, Philodendron hederaceum, and Hoya australis. Keep your plants healthy and looking amazing with 3-in-1 Plant Wipes. Each package contains 15 large wipes.

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